Hair Transplant Cost in Ahmedabad

Hair Transplant Cost in Ahmedabad

Hair Transplant Cost in Ahmedabad


Hair transplant is a process in which the hair from the side or back of the head is used to cover the bald area, which generally is the top or front of the head. Many people these days wish to go for a hairline transplant. If you are also looking for the same, this article is for your reference.

Most importantly, this article also removes the misconception that hair transplants can only be done by wealthy people as they are costly. However, the truth is different. You will be surprised to know that hair transplants are affordable these days, and almost anyone can get one.

How Much is the Cost of Hair Transplant in Ahmedabad?

People do not have much information about how much can be the correct cost of a hair transplant in Ahmedabad. However, this article will help you gather every detail. In India, the price of a hair transplant is quite low, starting from INR. 30,000.

The amount will vary according to the requirement, city, procedure, etc. However, always remember to get your hair transplant done from the best hair clinic in Ahmedabad, for example, if you stay in that city.

This cost makes it possible for young men who face the hair loss issue. These days, a lot of young people are facing this issue. It is mainly because of stress, anxiety, living style, inadequate diet plan, and even pollution.

Therefore, many people are opting for hair transplant procedures, especially young people, to have their hair back.

How Common is Hair Loss?

Do you know that everyone loses hair daily? This number is around 50 -150 individual hair each day. In most cases, hair growth happens automatically. It only doesn’t happen when the hair follicle is very thin.

Men experience hair loss because of natural aging or hormone changes. Similarly, women also experience the same.

What is the Ideal Age for Hair Transplant?

Before understanding the age factor, one must know that a hair transplant is a minimal surgical process. It includes harvesting the hair follicles from the backside to the front or top side. These hairs are baldness-resistant. Hence, they are often permanent when transplanted to any other side.

A hair transplant can happen to anyone above 18 years. However, it is recommended that you get it done once you turn 25 years old.

Can You Lose Hair After a Transplant?

Although, the hair transplant surgery will ensure permanent results. However, you may notice some hair fall. It is quite normal once you have undergone a hair transplant process. It is a temporary hair restoration side effect.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, it usually happens between 2-8 weeks of hair transplant as a shock. It may even look thinner by the third month of the process. And once this shock stage is over, the follicle produces normal hair.

Once your transplanted hair grows, it will look healthier and thicker.

Who Should Not Go for the Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is when the hair follicle from the back of your head is taken for restoration at the front side. Therefore, people who have been bald since birth are not perfect candidates for this surgery.

Things to Take Care of before Going for a Hair Transplant

If you want to get your hair transplant done in Ahmedabad, check for the best hair clinic in Ahmedabad. Clinics like Bellisima Cosmetic are registered to perform hair transplant surgeries. They have a team of experts who are knowledgeable and experienced and have handled many surgeries.

Searching for the best clinic should be your top priority before moving on to the next. It is because when you have the right team with you, your journey to a successful hair transplant will be smooth and easy.

Should You Get a Hair Transplant

Whether or not to go for a hair transplant is a personal choice. Since it is only you who knows if hair loss or thinning impacts you. Besides individual choice, several factors contribute to the decision. Some of them are below:

  • Cost associated with the hair transplant process
  • The amount of hair you have lost
  • Your age
  • If you have tried any other hair restoration process
  • Your concerns, if any

The Importance of Proper Hair Diagnosis

There is a reason it is said to go with the best clinics or experienced surgeons for your transplant process. This is because there can be many reasons for hair loss; not all are treated with a transplant. Therefore, you must go through a proper hair diagnosis process.

Your baldness pattern behavior will be your primary indicator for hair restoration. Moreover, accident scars, burns, prior cosmetic surgery complications, and even traction alopecia can also be treated with this process safely. Hence, it would help if you got a diagnosis from a team of experts, such as the Bellisima Cosmetic.

The diagnosis of androgenetic alopecia in men is typically simple. It is based on the distinctive pattern of related hair loss and the symptoms of the condition that are visible during trichoscopy. In cases where these characters are not present, further evaluation is done.

However, in the case of a woman, determining the hair loss can be difficult. There can be some underlying medical conditions, such as hypothyroidism, that may be preventing the hair loss process. However, in both men and women, the hair loss happens at the top or front of the head.

Additionally, there can be certain conditions where a hair transplant is not the right solution, even if you go for it. It may look good for some time but eventually may start to wade off results. Such cases are best diagnosed and described by clinics like Bellisima Cosmetic.

The Perfect Hair Transplant Candidate

Irrespective of whether you are a man or a woman, you can be the perfect candidate for a transplant. The following things should be considered before calling you if you are fit for surgery.

  • You must have enough healthy hair on the back of your scalp for the transplant procedure.
  • Your body can grow hair on the scalp where there is a thinning of hair problem.

Your dermatologist or the team of surgeons will determine whether you meet the above conditions. They may conduct your scalp exam to know the results. You may also be asked to get a blood test to see the cause of hair loss. It will check for things within your body that may be causing hair loss.

Doctors sometimes suggest a scalp biopsy, which is easily done during the consultation process. Once the doctors review the results, they can indicate whether or not you are the right fit.

What Not to Do After Your Hair Transplant?

The new grafts are delicate when you undergo a hair surgical transplant, especially during the first two weeks or 14 days. They are fragile and can easily fall out if you touch them excessively. It can even fall if the area comes under any sudden friction.

Therefore, the first 14 days are often called the recovery phase, and doctors advise against touching these hair follicles. Moreover, our fingers and hands usually contain bacteria, and while touching our face or head, we may accidentally even spread bacteria on our new hair.

Doing so can cause infection and can even double the recovery time. Hence, it is suggested that you do not touch that area, especially during recovery time. No matter how tempting it may feel to run your hand around your new hair, remember it can have a negative impact and delayed results.

What is the Seven Month Period of Hair Transplant?

You are mistaken if you believe you will receive the findings now. Optimal outcomes from a hair transplant may not appear for up to seven months. The hair follicle grows new hairs during this time, giving the appearance of a fuller hairline. For this reason, after seven months, you might notice noticeable improvements.

The hair follicle will grow stronger, thicker, and healthier during this period. Even though the transplant procedure proceeds swiftly, your body needs time to produce the desired effects naturally. Remember that the finest healing will come from a slow, healthy process.


Your hair transplant success will depend highly on your surgeon’s skills and the techniques they use for transplanting. In addition, it will also depend on the type of hair follicles you have on the back of your scalp from where the transplant will happen. However, remember recovery is the most important part of a healthy transplant.

The weeks after the transplant will define the success of your procedure. If you take good care and follow the advice given by your doctor, you are sure to see good and permanent results. Therefore, you must choose a reputable, recognized, and experienced clinic like Bellisima Cosmetic to handle your hair transplant.

They are experienced and have a team of highly skilled doctors who take care of the entire process. They will explain things to you in detail and ensure you are cared for perfectly.

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